Concerning Me (and the RV)

NOTE! I’m pleased to report that as of March 2013 we’re no longer living in the RV – but I’m keeping this page up so you can learn the story behind the Gypsy Roller!

Hi there, I’m Hannah. As of late July 2012 I’m the official, albeit reluctant, inhabitant of an RV – ya that’s right, a Recreational Vehicle – situated in a resort (OK, that’s a blatant euphemism for trailer park) in Lake Country, British Columbia. I’m hoping the reluctance diminishes as time goes on, because the inhabitant part isn’t going to change for at least 6 months, while my boyfriend, Mike, and I look for a piece of property to buy and build a house on.

The majority of the time I have my hands full wrangling our semi-mobile 9 month old son, Hunter, but so as to stave off the unending boredom and/or loss of mental faculties that could quite plausibly result from being confined for an indeterminate length of time to a 30 ft. house on wheels (we wouldn’t want to have to add padding and limb restraints to its brown-on-brown interior, would we), I thought a blog would be a wise idea, for everyone’s sake. I’m big into vegetarian cooking so that will be the focus here, but I predict I won’t be able to resist the occasional outpouring (possibly of grief) about trailer park livin’.

People name their cars, and their boats, so Mike and I felt that naming the RV was only the right thing to do. After some intense deliberations, Mike came up with Gypsy Roller, evoking imagery of vagabonds, biker gangs, roving bands of free-spirit types and other such fantastical stuff! In real life the Gypsy Roller will spend most of her time parked on a concrete pad, immobilized by jacks and wheels chalks, but the name just works. I’m fully intent on getting Gypsy Roller emblazoned in airbrush script on her rear end (and in so doing reducing the RV’s resale value to approximately zero), because let’s admit it, presently she’s the opposite of fantastical on the aesthetic front. In the meantime, however, I shall blog about the meatless (deal with it!) and mostly healthy delicacies I manage to piece together in the RV’s dwarf-sized kitchenette. What follows are my dispatches from the Gypsy Roller…

33 thoughts on “Concerning Me (and the RV)

  1. thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog “Sweet Spell Bakeshop”. I look forward to reading your blog too! =)

  2. thanks so much for stopping by.. So I can get to know you and your RV! very very very cool.. looking forward to catching up on all your posts. & Hope you’ll be back for a visit very soon.. charu

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