Review: PowerPlant Raw Plant Food Bar

Lately I’ve felt disinclined to buy packaged energy bars. Largely this has to with resorting, out of extreme hunger on one too many occasions, to eating protein bars – the chocolate or vanilla-flavoured kind, typically marketed to athletes, with that distinctly tedious chewy-yet-chalky texture. Or the kind geared more toward the patchouli-and-Birkenstock demographic, which purport to be healthy but contain loads of sugar, catapulting your energy level to the highest of highs one moment, and dropping it to the lowest of lows the next. A bi-polar experience isn’t exactly what I’m looking for in an energy bar.

When I came across PowerPlant bars at the grocery store, and noticed they’re a local product (straight outta Kelowna) – and raw, organic, vegan and gluten-free to boot – I decided to suspend my apprehensions and give them a try. I purchased one of each flavour: veggie and fruit. The bars consist of a raw vegetable or fruit blend, plus nutrient-dense raw chia, hemp and pumpkin seeds, and are finished with a raw cacoa-paste coating. The bars are sweetened with agave syrup, which has a low glycemic index and thus maintains your blood sugar levels rather than causing the dreaded ‘sugar crash’ effect described above.

As a huge fan of dark chocolate these bars are definitely my thing; they have an intense, cacoa flavour and a chewy, almost fudge-like consistency. The veggie bar is rich and earthy-tasting, while the fruit bar is on the sweeter side, but only slightly so. And they’re super filling; I was content to snack on each bar over the course of a few hours rather than eating it in one go.

PowerPlant bars get the thumbs up as they taste good, contain quality ingredients, and do as they say they’re going to do: fill you up and keep you feeling good for hours. Bring them to work with you, on a hike, or anywhere you need a pocket-size source of energy.

For more information visit the PowerPlant website:


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